Lifestyle Changes

Does anyone relish the idea of changing their lifestyle? We all get so use to our everyday activities and patterns that we find it difficult to change something even if we know it may be beneficial to do so. This can apply to any and all aspects of our life, such as financial or business, spiritual, personal health and fitness, diet, social or personal and family relationships.

As a Chiropractor most people come to my office with some sort of symptom, ie back or leg pain, neck pain, headache etc. When I sit down with them to review their history I find many of these conditions have been going on for a long time. There may have been a physical injury from an auto accident or sporting event or many times the problems can be traced to stressful relationships, obesity, diet, smoking, poor sleep, or overly medicated.

In much of the literature recently we hear of Wellness Care, Lifestyle coaching, Lifestyle medicine, Alternative Health Care, Nutrition Coaching, Sports Medicine and Personal Fitness Coaching.

I would invite you to look closely at your current health status and ask yourself what can I do to improve my overall health?

We are living longer but we will want to live productively into our later years. (Science now predicts we will have the capacity to live to 120 or more years.)

If you are looking for a more natural lifestyle, Chiropractic may be the answer. As a profession we have been teaching this type of lifestyle since 1895. Let us help you "change your lifestyle" and empower your life with Chiropractic Care!

David J. Sewert DC

June 11, 2015


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